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Leila Ramjan, Levenshulme, 20/03/2017

I visited your stand in Levenshulme on Friday. You may not remember me, I was the Scottish girl who didn’t like spicy food. But, then I bought a bottle of the mild sauce to try. I absolutely love it. It’s safe to say that I’m totally hooked. People don’t often give good feedback. They usually only feel the need to give feedback when it’s bad, so I thought it would be nice to let you know how much of a fan I am now. wish you the best of luck. I’m sure you will be a great success!

Tom Oliver, Hadfield, 23/07/17

I just want to thank you again for the lovely food and perfect service on Sunday. everyone was really happy and it proved to be a nice feature for the gathering after the christening. I wish you the best of luck in the future and hopefully see you again at another function!

Gem Noi, Manchester, 05/01/17
Easily the best hot sauce I’ve tried and I’ve tried so many – I’m the kind of person that carries a bottle in their handbag, just in case. My personal favourite is the Scotch Bonnet but they are all equally flavoursome and if heat really isn’t your thing, try the Mango Salsa. Amazing!

Eric Frankhouser, Texas, 03/01/17
The salsas here are truly incredible! I had been on a long business trip, one that lasted over a month. And, being from Texas I was seriously missing Mexican food. I had several menu items, all were small plates, which I really liked, however for me the salsas really knocked it out of the park… they were very very flavourful and had just the right amount of heat, they weren’t hot just for the sake of being hot. I have to admit being wary when I saw that it was vegan Mexican food, but the salsas were so amazing that I will go back every time I travel to Manchester.

Sarah Bird, Manchester, 29/12/16
These chilli sauces are gorgeous. Ranging from mild to really spicy. They are all packed with really fresh tasting natural ingredients. You must try them.

Daria Hein, Liverpool, 29/12/16
Very tasty vegan food.

Siobhan O’Brien, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, 29/12/16
I put these sauces in EVERYTHING. The garlic chilli sauce is amazing and has sorted out many a dull meal! Big fan.

Jude Jagger, Manchester, 29/12/16
The salsas are great – I add them to salads instead of a dressing and it really makes the flavours pop without being too hot! Hot sauce is fab too. Perfect for a gift for chilli lovers/foodies who appreciate supporting an artisan business. And, the customer service is excellent. Would highly recommend.

Trish Brown, Bristol, 28/12/16
I’m not a mega chilli fan BUT the milder sauce was super tasty. With enough of a kick to make my taste buds tingle. And, my partner loves scotch bonnets so the hot hot sauce was perfect for him. Excellent service and a great product!

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