white hand pressed corn taco with seitan and pico de gallo from our kitchenWe have recently been kindly invited to run the kitchen at The Chorlton Tap where we offer our Mexican Street Food every day, except Wednesdays, as Mamacita gotta sleep sometime.

Monday to Saturday we offer our tried and tested Mexican Street Food Menu, from opening until 9pm every day, and some of the locals, such as Dee, are loving our Chilli topped Nachos, even saying the portion was perhaps too generous! A repeat customer for the food and the beer! We love her! (Just waiting for the invite to one of her dinner parties – we will keep  you posted).

On Sundays we offer an amalgam of what we all need in our lives – Breakfast Tacos from noon til 3pm which are essentially an English breakfast including one of the tacos with hashbrown and avocado topped in a little brown sauce, so whilst vegan, what’s not to like? The sausages are so yummy that carnis love them so much they often make a point of telling us that they are better than lesser sausages often presented in English Breakfasts they have known. Tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms and the rest all presented in freshly hand pressed street corn tacos. Four different combos for £5 or have double for £8. You nibble on as many or as few as you feel and can share them easily with your friends! Perfect hangover food and can set you off into the rest of your weekend fulfilled. It’s genius!

We now also do Sunday Roast at The Chorlton Tap as being in a pub kitchen, we were being constantly asked to do it and we were more than aware that there isn’t a great vegan option in Chorlton, already, which is bizarre. Aware of this gap in the market, being forced to make them ourselves at home, admittedly to quite a regular crowd, we gave in! But, actually, when you think about it, it can be understood. Vegan options are often seen as a great thing for a venue’s kitchen to add to a menu but massively overlooks what we require from the rest of the menu. No butter, no honey, no this, no that, no things being cooked in the same oil in fryers, etc. etc. It is easy for an omni kitchen to really misunderstand their vegan customers’ needs fully and accidentally alienate them by that mere incidental ignorance.

We offer a completely 100% vegan kitchen when creating your food and you can rest assured, should there be something you need to consider, that we won’t cross-contaminate your food in that respect. Nor, will we create a boring menu or offer you something to order as it is the only option, but, hey, it’s vegan, be grateful, you don’t need to decide…as everyone else pores over the menu. That won’t happen to you at The Chorlton Tap!

Who cooks a Mushroom and Chestnut pie at home, ever? I would say, not many. But, you can come and get it at The Chorlton Tap. The Leek and Potato Pie, which we blind bake inhouse, has also been a firm favourite over our opening weeks. We are very happy, in the kitchen, that everyone is onboard with the hard work we are putting in.

We always offer five different options that people would, perhaps, still order, on any old menu, just because it sounds and looks bloody good. That, we hope, once tried, they would order again, because it tasted so good!  We always focus on an inclusive menu. We want everyone to enjoy our food. We use Grace’s Vegan Pantry’s Vegan Honey and Fruits of the Forage’s Dandelion Syrup to roast our Carrots and Parsnips and we have been getting the loveliest feedback about how it has tasted. Some of our clientele have not tasted these concepts ever, or for a long time, and we have still been complimented on how it has been done well or is seemingly accurate. It it down to these two companies, we owe it. Similarly, non vegans, think the honey is 100% on par and dandelion syrup is a new experience for everyone. We try to carry forward our values with our street food to our Sunday Roast. New and old experiences but all wonderful. Enjoy peeps!

A variety of complimentary handmade salsas and hot sauces available with all food as always, just ask the friendly bar staff. 

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