One of the great things about both Mexican and Vegan food is that they automatically lend themselves to great, fresh and tasty salsa and hot sauce.

We initially started to make all our own hot sauces and salsas from scratch. We decided to do this because we wanted to know exactly what was in them. Many hot sauces are made in overseas factories where there can be a lot of cross-contamination. This can be due to other ingredients being used (such as fish sauce) in the same building. These facilities are often held to less stringent regulations as here in the U.K. For Vegans, or those with allergies, this can pose very serious problems.

Check out our specific pages on our hot sauces and salsas. Here you can learn more about our products. They are quickly garnering quite the cult following.

My personal favourite is the Scotch Bonnet. But, they are all equally flavoursome and if heat really isn’t your thing, try the Mango Salsa. Amazing!

Gem Noi

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