We initially started to make all our own hot sauce and salsas from scratch because we wanted to know exactly what was in them. However, this has now led to a serious obsession creating small batch hot chilli sauces!

Playing around with the World’s Hottest Chilli family was only a matter of time.

Thank you, Jamie… As was acquiring a gas mask and now our ‘Breaking Bad’ style batch cooking is a firm fixture of the working week!

Our most popular sauce is, by a country mile, the Scotch Bonnet!

Followed by Arbol and Guajillo. We can’t give away all our secrets as the range has now reached double figures. There is a lot of pan roasting, blending and (formerly) crying involved!

£4 for 150ml and £5 for 200ml.

But, be warned, we were tracked down on Instagram 4 days after our first Makers Market in Spinningfields by our new biggest fan, Gem, who came to The Wonder Inn specifically to buy 5 bottles a week later…it won’t last you as long as you think it might!


These chilli sauces are gorgeous. Ranging from mild to really spicy. They are all packed with really fresh tasting natural ingredients. You must try them.

Sarah Bird



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