Interested in being the host of a comp? How about making a quiet weekday evening at your venue more interesting? It’s fun and more importantly makes that till sing! Why not invite us along to run a fun chilli tasting competition! All we ask is that you try to sell at least ten tickets and allow us the opportunity to sell and promote our hot sauces. No booking fee, no cost to you. You keep all of your takings from the sale of food and drink and we keep the entry fees of £10 per team and from any sales of the hot sauces. The prizes for the top 3 teams are worth a retail value of £60. What do you have to lose?

How long does it take? 

3 hours
1 hour pre registration and distribution of sauces, tortilla chips, palate cleansing sorbet and score cards
1 hour for teams to rate the chilli sauces and submission of score cards
Results and prizes for top 3 teams awarded 1 hour later

RRP for venues?

£10 per table (max 6 per team)

What do the teams get?

Entry fee entitles team to massive bowl of tortilla chips and salsas, along with 10 hot sauces to rate in order of heat 1 – 10 (hottest)
Palate cleansing sorbet will be provided to all teams.

What do the teams win?

1st prize: Full collection of hot sauces from Los Antojitos
2nd prize: Top 3 sauces
3rd prize: One bottle of hot sauce
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