One of the great things about both Mexican and Vegan food is that they automatically lend themselves to great, fresh and tasty salsas. When we started exploring and experimenting with various recipes, we were surprised by just how good these three were. So, we decided to stick to just the very best. We made them our signature dressings for our hand pressed corn street tacos. Why mess around with perfection? We go back to them time and time and again and they never bore the taste buds.

Mango Salsa

When we were travelling, a good friend of ours, Mel, living in Texas, told us a little known secret. That we had to include a Mango Salsa in our condiments range. It was a no brainer, apparently. We had never even heard of this salsa. Perhaps due to a scarcity of authentic Mexican street food in the U.K. We didn’t realise what we were missing. Fresh mango is enlivened with a few simple ingredients prepared in the perfect way, a little red onion, the right chillies, more coriander and a smidge of lime work their magic. It seems that everybody who has tried our final version of this agrees as this is now our most popular salsa. It is fruity, it is spicy – it’s all rather too nicey! Where have you been all our lives?

Pico de Gallo

When source our fresh ingredients, at the crack of dawn with our good friends at New Smithfield market. He we absolutely fell in love with a range of heritage tomatoes from France. We incorporate this tasty tomato family into our Multi-bean Chilli and Pico de Gallo salsa. Along with onions, chillies, garlic, coriander and lime juice. The various colours, textures and flavours of these beauties create one of our most popular products. These tomatoes include the beefy Aumônière, vibrant Tomates Zébrées and the crunchy Green d’Antan.

Due to repeated requests to take them home, you can now find these salsas at our market stalls in deli pots.

Buy it fresh in 4oz or 8oz pots. £2 and £3 respectively.


The salsas are great – I add them to salads instead of a dressing and it really makes the flavours pop without being too hot! Hot sauce is fab too, perfect for a gift for chilli lovers/foodies who appreciate supporting an artisan business, and the customer service is excellent. Would highly recommend.

Jude Jagger


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