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Chillies are a staple in Mexican cooking and Los Antojitos, who as well as making all the fab dishes on their menus, also make a range of fresh salsas and chilli sauces including their favourite Scotch Bonnet chillies (a good choice, I love them too).   They make mango salsa with red onion, lime juice and coriander, a tomato based Pico de Gallo or Salsa de Verde using tomatillas and the Epazote herb imported from Mexico, all available to purchase online, I really need to add to basket myself.

I am known within my circle of family and friends as a true ‘Hot Head’ with an ‘Asbestos Stomach’ and I have never eaten anything I thought too hot. I have been known to take my trusty bottles of Trinidad Scorpian Moruga Yellow powder with me to Indian restaurants, so you can tell how well suited Mexican cooking is for my tastes. I love chillies in any form, be it deep fried (a chef tested me, but he lost) to chilli sauces (I have tries and tested many, although some do not pack the punch I am looking for), to salsas or just raw sprinkled on a a dish to ‘zap it up’.

Chilli and lime infused Sour Cream

150ml of  vegan cream of choice, I use Oatlu

2tsp lime juice

Salt and pepper Chopped chillies, chilli flakes or whatever chilli you like to use, I use Trinidad Scorpian Moruga Yellow

Add the lime juice to the cream and let sit for at least an hour, which is the souring process.  Add your chilli of choice and salt and pepper to taste and use to drizzle over any Mexican dishes, it compliments chilli, taco’s enchiladas or anything else you fancy.


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