Los Antojitos is a Mexican Pop up catering company specialising in Street Tacos and Multi-bean Chilli bowls. Officially launched in November 2016. Our Manchester based Vegan Mexican Kitchen and Shop proved to be a hit with hungry Mancs and Vegans alike.

We make hand pressed white and blue 4″ corn tortillas from Masa Harina. These little fellas are pan roasted until they start to puff up. This shows our chefs that they are ready to be loaded with our traditional Mexican recipes. These include BBQ Sweet Potato and Red Cabbage slaw, Seitan de Barbecoa Estilo Yucatan and Refried Pinto beans.

About us and our ingredients:

We use organic ingredients, where possible. Our chefs also use specialist ingredients which we import from Mexico. These help to achieve the authentic street food that we are regularly complemented on.

Join our cult:

Our fresh salsas and hot sauces have a cult following. We initially intended to create a selection of condiments purely for use in our kitchens. These are in high demand for our customers to use at home. Therefore this has now morphed into a large range of salsas and hot sauces. These are also popular at various Farmers’ markets and our hot sauces are stocked in shops and delicatessens. Please see our ‘SHOP‘ section for details of where to find a stockist.

Most of all we pride ourselves on our fun, colourful and flavoursome food. At Los Antojitos we believe we first eat with our eyes and then our taste buds. Therefore all our recipes wow the senses before we even taste it, according to our biggest fans, that is! We would never say that ourselves, of course, merely quoting…see our REVIEW page if you don’t believe us! We’re a modest bunch, really.


Vegan and allergen aware:

All our food is 100% vegan and we have many gluten free options. These include the tacos themselves which we make from corn and not wheat. Finally, we are very allergen aware. Few recipes contain any of the 14 allergens on the regulatory list in the UK/EU.

We hope to see you soon at one of our kitchens, shops or stalls. An it harm none, do what ye will.

Love and tacos x


food standards agency rating five very good

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